Infrastructure Management
Consolidate & virtualize your data centers

The Basecamp infrastructure team's primary objective is to assess, recommend and implement solutions aimed specifically at maximizing your organization's capital investments by increasing the efficiency of the hardware and software infrastructure currently in place. The migration to the Cloud can yield dramatic cost savings and reduce the organization's burden to manage sprawling infrastructure, however, the existing assets can still be leveraged and tuned to provide greater performance during this transition phase. The organization's decision to move to the Cloud does not automatically render your previous investments obsolete, and Basecamp can help monitor, manage and redefine how your organization can maximize the useful life out of all your assets.

Areas of Focus

Basecamp specializes in several areas to help our customers to leverage their existing investments and transition to the cloud. Infrastructure solutions include:

Data Center Virtualization

Virtualizing key data center components can simplify administration and provide organizations with a greater level of flexibility and scalability. Leverage hypervisors, virtualized storage and SDN across your data centers, both on-premise and in the Cloud.

Data Center Consolidation

The growth of every organization includes infrastructure sprawl to support the demands of new systems and disparate workloads. Your organization can reduce your operational expenditure (OPEX) by consolidating infrastructure components to take advantage of the existing hardware, software, and support maintenance plans and leverage the Cloud as supplemental resources.

Data Life Cycle Management

One of the largest and most ignored OPEX costs is data life cycle management. Many organizations are eager to purchase additional storage rather than define policies governing how corporate data should be stored, managed, and retired. Developing data classifications and enforcing archive and retention policies can not only save an organization on OPEX but it can also define how an organization meets regulatory compliance.

Backup and Recovery & Disaster Recovery

Disk and tape backup recovery solutions are critical components to every organization. Many organization incorrectly overlook or exaggerate the capabilities of their backup and recovery process leading to critical loss of data or extended outages. A detailed backup and DR assessment identifies gaps in the backup and recovery strategy and validates their alignment to supporting your business objectives.